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Alumni are a great asset of Universities and Colleges and their support is a backbone for many of the top Universities in the world to expand possibilities for their students and garner reputation. UVCE Alumni have etched “UVCE” as a highly recognized institution and are keeping the esteemed honor of the institution flying high with their remarkable achievements in the respective fields/organizations. Alumni of UVCE are not only noteworthy of their achievements that have brought great recognition to the institution but have also made the nation proud on a global platform.

Dr M R Srinivasan

1950 Mech

Prof Roddam Narasimha

1953 Mech

Lt Gen V J Sundaram

1957 Mech

Prof B T Lakshman

1959 Civ

Dr M S Ramkumar

1959 Mech

Dr V K Aatre

1961 EEE

Dr N Sheshagiri

1961 EEE

Dr T S Prahlad

1961 Mech

Dr Sam Sampath

1961 Mech

Dr R Natarajan

1961 Mech

Dr S Ramegowda

1961 Mech

Wg Cmdr H G Dattatreya

1963 EEE

Dr Chidananda Gowda

1964 EEE

Dr S S Iyengar

1968 Mech

Dr Prahlada R

1969 Mech

Mano Murthy

1974 EEE

Prakash Belawadi

1983 Mech

Shathavadhani Ganesh

1984 ECE

Kumar Naik IAS

1985 Civ

Manjunath PrasadIAS

1987 Mech

Ramesh Aravind

1987 Mech

Manjunath JIAS

1992 ECE

Aravind Bhat

2001 Mech
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