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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, popularly known as UVCE, is one of the most prestigious colleges imparting Technical Education in the state of Karnataka.The College as well as the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1917 by the greatest Engineer of the Country, Statesman of modern times Bharata Ratna Sir. M. Visvesvaraya. Since the beginning,the department has grown beyond leaps and bounds producing highly competent graduates,postgraduates and doctorates who have occupied prestigious positions both in India and abroad.The department currently offers one Undergraduate (B.E Fulltime & Part-time) and Four Postgraduate (M.E) Programmes.

The mechanical engineering department awarded more than 140 Ph.D degrees. At present there are 25 candidates pursuing their Ph.D. The teaching faculty has engaged in a number of R & D projects sponsored by UGC, AICTE, MHRD, AR&DB, ADA, Naval Research Board, etc. Presently, 16 full time faculty are serving the institute. There are 12 Professors, 4 Associate Professors. The department has set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound (SMART) objectives in achieving academic excellence in UG, PG, M.Sc. (Engineering) by offering Research and Doctoral programmes at par with IITs and National Institutes of Excellence. It has also set an objective to evolve itself as an R & D centre to promote and pursue research in the areas of current industrial and all other relevant thrust areas in Engineering.


UG Courses

As per Engineering Seats Government Notification No : ED 169 TEC 2022, Bangalore Dated : 01/10/2022
Sl. No. Course Intake
1 Mechanical Engineering 160

PG Courses

  • Machine Design
  • Manufacturing Science Engineering
  • Thermal Science Engineering
  • Advanced Material Technology

Faculty Details

Sl. No. Name Designation Experience
Major Areas of Interest and Research
1 Dr. U. N. Kempaiah Chairman and Professor 33 Manufacturing Processes, Materials, MEMS, Welding
2 Dr. S. Paul Vizhian Professor 32 Materials, composites, Machine Design,Stress Analysis
3 Dr. N. Lakshmana Swamy Professor 32 Materials & Manufacturing Related Areas
4 Dr. Shivarudraiah Professor 30 Composite Materials, FEM, Wear and Fracture Mechanics and Tribology
5 Dr. B. M. Rajaprakash Professor 34 Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAM & Robotics, Al in Manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding, Acoustic Emission in FSW, Hybrid Composites & Friction Stir Processing
6 Dr. G. Harish Professor 32 Production Engineering, Foundry, Composites, Thermal Engineering
7 Dr. C. K. Umesh Professor 30 Cutting tools, Manufacturing Process, Thermal Engineering, CFD, Micro-Channels & Heat Pipes
8 Dr. H. C. Chittappa Professor 28 Design of materials for Impact, Energy Absorption behavior of composite materials, MMC’s FE Approach of Analysis of Design & Impact Application
9 Dr. H. K. Shivananda Professor 23 Advanced Materials, Nano Composites
10 Dr. Chandrashekar Bendigeri Professor 23 FEM,Smart Materials, Composite Materials, Bio Materials, Nano Technology
11 Dr. H. N. Vidyasagar Professor 32 Composite Materials
12 Dr. D. K. Ramesh Professor 20 Bio Fuels, alternate Energy, CFD and Heat Transfer
13 Dr. M. Shantharaja Associate Professor 23 Materials, Plastic Deformation, Composites
14 Dr. H.G.Hanumantharaju Associate Professor 28 Bio-Materials,Composite Materials, Smart Materials, FEM
15 Dr.R. Saravanan Associate Professor 22 Manufacturing, Materials, Thermal, Design Engineering
16 Dr. R. Rajashekar Associate Professor 20 Friction Stir Welding, Machine Vision, Acoustic Emission, Composite Materials, CAD, Robotics
17 Dr. G. Premkumar Assistant Professor 19 Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Fuel cells

Data as per year 2021-22

PG [2 Years Engineering Program(s)]: All Students Studying in 1st Year and 2nd Year
Sl No. Category No. of Students
1 Male 107
2 Female 14
3 Within the State (include Male & Female) 119
4 Outside State(include Male & Female) 2
5 Outside Country(Include Male & Female) NIL
6 Economically Backward(Include Male & Female) 15
7 Socially Challenged[SC, ST, OBC(Include Male & Female)] 57
8 No. of Students Receiving Full Tution Fee Reimbursement from The State Central Govt 15
9 No. of Students Receiving Full Tution Fee Reimbursement from Institution Funds NIL
10 No. of Students Receiving Full Tution Fee Reimbursement from The Private Bodies NIL
11 No. of Students Receiving Full Tution Fee Reimbursement NIL

Ph.D(Students Pursuing Doctoral Program Till 2019-20)
Sl No Category Quantity
1 Total Full Time Students 5
2 Total Part Time Students 81
3 Total Students 86

No. of Full Time Ph D Students Graduated/awarded 2019-20 2
2018-19 NIL
2017-18 NIL
No. of Part Time Ph D Students Graduated/awarded 2019-20 15
2018-19 10
2017-18 16

Sponsored Research Details
Total No. of Sponsored Projects 2019-20 1
2018-19 1
2017-18 NIL
Total No. of Funding Agencies 2019-20 1
2018-19 1
2017-18 NIL

Amount (In Rupees) Amount (In Words)
Total Amount Received 2019-20 16,47,000 Sixteen Lakhs Forty Seven Thousand
2018-19 17,00,000 Seventeen Lakhs
2017-18 NIL NIL

Consultancy Project Details
Total No. of Consultancy Projects 2019-20 NIL
2018-19 NIL
2017-18 NIL
Total No. of Client Organizations 2019-20 NIL
2018-19 NIL
2017-18 NIL

Amount (In Rupees) Amount (In   Words)
Total Amount Received 2019-20 NIL NIL
2018-19 NIL NIL
2017-18 NIL NIL

Financial Resources
Amount (In Rupees) Amount (In Words)
Library 2019-20 4,00,000 Four Lakhs
2018-19 4,00,000 Four Lakhs
2017-18 4,00,000 Four Lakhs
New Equipments and Softwares 2019-20 NIL NIL
2018-19 NIL NIL
2017-18 NIL NIL
Engineering Workshops 2019-20 9,50,000 Nine Lakhs Fifty Thousand
2018-19 10,00,000 Ten Lakhs
2017-18 10,00,000 Ten Lakhs
Other Expenditures on Creation of Capital Assets 2019-20 NIL NIL
2018-19 NIL NIL
2017-18 NIL NIL

Annual Operational Expenditure
Amount (In Rupees) Amount (In Words)
Salary of Teaching Staff 2019-20
Salary of Non Teaching Staff 2019-20
Maintenanace of Academic Infrastructure or Cosnumables and Other Running Expenditures 2019-20 NIL NIL
2018-19 NIL NIL
2017-18 NIL NIL
National International Level Seminars/ Conference/Workshop/symposium Consucted in The Institute 2019-20 93,000 Ninety Three Thousand   Only
2018-19 8,00,000 Eight Lakhs
2017-18 NIL NIL

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