MILAGRO is the biggest inter-collegiate cultural event that is organized in UVCE. Every year, this event draws a huge crowd of students, during the course of its two days of power packed activities and competitions. This mammoth number is a testimony of the popularity of the fest that has promulgated across all the colleges in Bangalore and other states. It has been a Copernican revolution in cultural merriment that has bewitched many people and making them ask for more. The fest has been a culmination of various cultural and creative events while proving to be a stage for students to prove their true artistic mettle.


IMPETUS is a National Level Technical Extravaganza that was started in the year 2001. For eighteen years now, it has been serving as a platform for the students to showcase their skills and share their views. It brings together the brilliant minds, whose direction of thought has been streamlined by extensive knowledge, to compete in an arena marked by fight for creativity, excellence and innovation. Held on an inter-collegiate level, this fest consists of a variety of technical events and sees a footfall of over 1000 students every year. IMPETUS is a technical fest designed for a change and with vivid difference. Unlike other fests, every year this festival goes out with a message for the engineers.


INSPIRON has been one of those events which aims for entrepreneurship brilliance in every aspect of the events conducted. It is the intra-collegiate entrepreneurial extravaganza from UVCE. With a bunch of cultural fests and technical fests, the entrepreneurship factor was missed. Therefore the Placement Office initiated a movement to educate the students of our campus and influence them to be an entrepreneur by unearthing the hidden skills as part of this event. The events in here are designed in such a way that, it makes any geeks’ day, a day to remember. Now it has grown to the level of being a crowd puller, where students of various prestigious colleges across the country attend.


FIESTA is one of the occasions, when we see UVCE all lit up, eff ervescent and oozing festive cheers from all directions. It is the intra-collegiate, cultural ebullience that is celebrated during the second half of every year. Organizing Fiesta must be a proud moment for every UVCEian and acts as a stepping stone for them to carry forward the organizing skills, in exuberance among the UVCEians. Fiesta offers every one of the audience a mixture of cultural events, sports events and a little bit of brainstorming too. And it all totals to, complete rejuvenation. Fiesta has always been supported with clapping hands and the audience has never been disappointed.


KAGADA is a National Level Annual Technical Paper Presentation Contest organized by IEEEUVCE. Over the years Kagada has seen unprecendented success with overwhelming participation of students from various colleges across the country where in technical research papers and mind boggling projects in various realms of engineering are submitted. KAGADA aims at sharpening technical intellect improve the quality of technical education, develop the presentation skills of students and to inspire innovation.


ESPORTIVO is the annual inter-collegiate sports fest organized in UVCE and is the only Sports Fest in Bangalore that is organized solely by students. A competitive arena across different sports ranging from football to cricket wherein the students battle with their heart and soul to reach victory. Marked by fun, adrenaline rushes, intense playoffs, Esportivo is a complete action packed sporting league of UVCE wherein teams from across various colleges of Bangalore and the state take part. UVCE has always nurtured and supported passion, hard work, will power and an entrepreneurial bent of mind.

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