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Learning and reading are the mental processes by which students, faculty and General users add to their knowledge for self and society. Technology has developed and dominated in all spheres of life. Today information is one of the most important ingredients of our academic activities. The Library is entrusted with the task of processing displaying and organising the various sources of knowledge in different media and disseminating them to the users. The Library facilities include: Circulation section, Stack Section, Periodical Section, Technical & Acquisition Section, Reference Section, Language Lab, Browsing Centre (which has been now separated as "MINCHU")

The Library has an impressive collection of over 1.55 Lakhs Books (91,000 Titles, and 64,000 volumes) and Journals covering various branches of Engineering, general Books and caters to the needs of 5000 Students, Faculties and Staff. Besides the Library has a back volume of Technical Journals, Thesis Dissertations, Rare books, Project Reports, CDs and DVDs covering a wide variety of subjects. The Electronic Library has the facility for accessing E- Resources i.e. IEEE (POP & CSDL) ASME, ASCE and Springer publication, e-Books full text access covering all the subjects is available to the users. The Library has a Language Lab and Virtual Class Room for about 100 students who can use this facility at any given time.


The College provides hostel facilities for boys and girls separately both in the Jnana Bharathi and City Campus. Residing in Hostels gives a distinct advantage of befriending with students from various parts of the country and expose them different religions, languages and customs. Additionally, living as a community in the hostel will lead to all-round development of personality of a hostelite and will definitely go a long way in fostering good citizens.


The UVCE Co-operative Society meets the need of the students and staff of the college in respect of stationery and text books. All the students admitted to the college are shareholders of the society.

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